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Tattoo Consent Form

I acknowledge by signing this consent & release form that I have been given full opportunity to ask any and all questions which I have about being tattooed. I also acknowledge that all my questions have been answered to my full satisfaction and that I am getting tattooed by my own choice and at my own risk. The undersigned acknowledges and represents that at the time of signing this document he/she is of sound mind, not acting under any form of influence, or anything that would affect or impair his/her judgement in obtaining a tattoo and signing this release:


I hereby state the following:



I accept all risk of injury both known and unknown as a result of having a part of my body tattooed and I hereby consent to being tattooed.

I understand and accept the risk that by being tattooed, I am making a permanent change to my appearance, and I consent to that permanent change.

I understand that allergic reactions to the dyes, ink, pigments, ointments, sprays and any other process and equipment used to apply my tattoo is always possible- and I accept the risk and any and all allergic reactions as a result of being tattooed.

I understand that infection, scarring, fainting, seizure and permanent injury is always possible as the result of being tattooed – and I accept the risk of infection, scarring, fainting, seizure and permanent injury as a result of being tattooed.

I understand that tattooing is not perfect- and I ACCCEPT THE RISK THAT MY TATTOO may vary in size, shape, location, color, shading spelling, lettering, or meaning, other than what I had expected or requested.

I understand and accept the risk that no guarantee is made or implied as to the quality or final outcome of my tattoo.

I understand and accept the risk that it may be impossible to ever change, alter or remove my tattoo.

I acknowledge and accept that the Artists and Owners of Marzmade Mobile Tattoo Company reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

The undersigned, by signing this release further acknowledges and represents to Owners, Artist, that he/she has fully investigated the consequence of the process of receiving a tattoo and inherent risk associated with the nature of a tattoo and the process of applying same, and permanent nature of said tattoo. The undersigned acknowledges that they are signing a full release of all liability. He/She has read and understands this release and acknowledges that he/she are also releasing Artist, Owners of Marzmade Mobile Tattoo Studio of any and all liability of whatsoever kind and nature in consideration for Artist, Owners of Marzmade Mobile Tattoo Studio at the undersigned’s request to perform various cosmetic and tattoo work.


I certify that I do not fall into one of the following categories.

  1. History of jaundice or hepatitis

  2. History of AIDS, or positive HIV test

  3. History of COVID-19

  4. History of skin disease or skin cancer at any site of service

  5. History of allergies or anaphylactic reaction to pigments, dyes, or other sensitivities

  6. History of hemophilia

  7. Currently taking medications which thin blood and prevent clotting

  8. History of any other known medical condition which would influence or impair the healing process

  9. Pregnant



                                      If you answer yes to any of the questions from 1 to 9 we request you get a release from your doctor stating approval of getting a tattoo.

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